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This is a video, I've made about this game, at the beginning i had some troubles playing this afterwards it was alright. Everything looked nice, excepte on the boss, it was a bit unfair since, it could hit me anywhere without me doing anything. I recommend anyone playing this


Fun game!


i made a video for the game and though i may be more prone to vulgar language, i certainly enjoyed Bonkers

Loved it! A lil' finicky at points, but had a great time nonetheless.


Here's my video! My account needs to be a week old to request the game, but hey, my speedrun is now officially on my channel!

It's a fun game
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This game is super fun on it's own, but I've also had a blast speedrunning it! It's so replayable!

My current best time is 3:45 (beat my last record by a second lol), but I think a sub 3:30 is possible! Once I'm confident in my run, I'll record and submit it!


Update: New time is a 3:17! My run was nowhere near flawless, but I'm pretty proud of myself! I'll upload the video to YouTube when I can and post the link here so you can see the run.

Also! Left the game for 10-ish minutes after THE END, and got some hidden text! Just shows the level of love put into this game. I can't help the creators out finacially, but let's hope me uploading my run can get this game the attention it deserves.


so good game

he subido un video de este juego. es muy bueno

The Game is sooooooooo cool and cute !

Finally finished the game ♥

This is adorable & a nice adventure. Something tells me it's not the last we've seen of Dr. Onion though. I think he'll be back. For more punches. :)


which game engine did you use cause its amazin


this game reminds me of kirby dream land on nentindo! you could do alot more with it as well. hope to see future updates!

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I really enjoyed this game! Had a go at speed-running it too!

My current best: (will update)


Awesome game!  I love the feel of just knocking one little puffball into another and they both just bounce around the screen like a pinball.


Made a video

This game really makes you feel like Jane Bonkers

Fun and cute little game! Gives me retro + kirby game vibes. Really helped cheer me up!

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I like when you punch those creatures because they just go brrrr. Overall the game is looking very fun and brings positive emotions. The graphics are awesome and clear, as well as controls. The idea isn't too original, but also not too usual, so overall pretty cool!

That was cool

That was awesome!

Really really good sprites and music. Love all the character designs so much, especially Apple!

The punching being bound to two different buttons is a super interesting concept, unfortunately them being on opposite sides of the face buttons meant that the optimal way to play with a controller is using the triggers, and repeatedly pressing them so often does kind of tire out my index fingers. Not really a big issue with such a short game, but if this were ever remade or had a sequel (which I would love) that was say, 2 or 3 hours long, that'd definitely be a problem for me personally. Making a system to rebind the controls would fix that issue I think (in future iterations of course, I know it'd be quite a lot of work to implement it with this current build).

Overall loved it, and would be super into seeing more of Apple and Dr. Onion someday.

How do you do the double-jump/up-punch? It won't let me punch up twice and I can't jump twice either... =( 

Never mind. The on-screen instructions were misleading and it involved precision platforming.

And now I'm stuck on a level with a second moving block...

Can you make a downloadable version?


yea, i'll put one up soon-ish (probably tomorrow)

I really really really really liked it! Great job, y'all!!

thanks so much for playing our game! had a bunch of fun watching you play it


Another fantastic game.  Awesome job.  Fun graphics.  Fun sound.  Fun controls.  Never was bored.  More, please.


we're always working, more stuffs coming soon :)