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fantastic mumba adventure... i will now wait for ugby mumba 4.

but seriously this game is awesome, lovely style, really fun to play, the music's great too... and the girls, you never miss with the designs guys lmao

I found a softlock where if you die on a burger-bouncy-thing, you dont respawn.


Coin counter doesn't work and purchased hats don't appear in the dressing room. Great game though, really like the art.


worked it out.. its x

how do istart the game lol

spacebar and enter arent workking and i dont know what else to try


This game is AMAZING! the levels are kinda hard, but manageable. 10/10!!


I liked everything about this game except playing it. Cuckoo Casino is especially tedious. And, where's my chicken hat?! Am I missing something??

This game runs so slowly. It's like a slideshow.

except the "F" stage, this one is really bad

such a great game!

1. the clam is my nightmare

2. music is BOPIN. I love how it feels like the sound of the gun goes with the music when you shoot 

Made a video


Bug: In fast food frenzy, in the room where you hit the switch and the burger drops down, you can bounce on the burger and get on the roof of the level. By heading right, you fall down some and are softlocked.


The coin is not showing,Is it a bug?

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Absowutwee incwedebuw!


What happened to Ugby Mumba 2?


don't worry about ugby mumba 2!


foreground and background are too similar


sorry i dont have any money for this, but GODDAMN its great!