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This is amazing. Great job guys!

The game is good,you don't get bored easily while playing it and it makes you more cautious about what is in the other room!

This game is amazing! Has all the elements of a roguelike and does it while pizza! 10/10 game!

THIS IS SO FUN! But I hate the guy with the big fist.

A little advice, when player move their mouse on current items, player should see the intruction of them.

good game

wow dats juicyyum

nicely done!


love this! can't wait to see it more polished up!

Made another video with the ending

Very fun game, I'd love to play a longer version :).

Fantastic game! Loved it!
Although I would like to warn you guys about a bug that happens if you jump onto the witch. When you exit the buy menu you'll collide with the NPC again and open the shop menu again. You can break out of this, but it takes some time

Made a video

This game has great potential, but it needs a little more work regarding the User Experience.

These are my suggestions:
- Add the possibility to mute or lower the music/sound effects.
- A little squeeze animation on weapon reload, to briefly attract the attention of the player.
- Don't restart the intro every time the game is open.
- Pause in-game with resume, go to the menu and restart options.

Apart from these little additions, the game is beautiful, efficient and fun to play.

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Really sick game! I love the different places and people you can be and explore! The graphics are very different then what I'm used to, but I think it looks pretty cool! I will admit, it's actually kind of hard to beat! The music is pretty nice too; has that chill vibe to it!

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It is pritty strange in fullscreen

besides little bugs the game was fun great work

Maybe a bug that if I move to another room right when giant gonzalez dies he will spawn unlimited money. Yet I still died on floor 3.

great art and gameplay. WHY IS THIS ONLY 4 USD?!?

that big guy gotta be either invincible or really strong, used like 70 bombs on him and nothing

he's just really strong yeah, in most situations you should probably run from him

Aight, thanks for the Info

good arcade


This DEFINITELY needs to be a Roguelike. A full version would be Steamworthy. Different horror themes for each randomly generated level? 5/

I love this game! perhaps you could make a full version


Oh I love this! The intro sequence got me reeled right in from the very start!

Playing full screen in the browser made things a tad slow, so I had to smallen things, but that didn't stop me having a tonne of fun with this one!

Love the style. Love the designs. Love the gameplay. Love the enemies. Love all of it! Awesome stuff, these Lads can't put a foot wrong!


thanks for playing!

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who's the big guy and can you kill him?

his name is chunks and yes, but it takes a while

The game did crash for me once when the yellow guy showed up.

He seems invincible, but I didn't realize this until emptying all 300 of my ammo into him. Maybe like a ricochet sound or no hit feedback something would communicate his invincibility.

This is awesome though!! I played it 5 times!!


he actually isn't invincible, hes just got a ton of health. he drops a good amount of money on death, too. i'll be releasing an update later tonight that should hopefully fix a lot of the crashes/freezes along with a few balancing changes n stuff!

I found an error that crashed the game related to chunks. I have the error code/message if you want it.

For an unknown reason I can't download nor play the game. It looks great anyway! Did you create it with Unity or GMS2?

i used gms2 to make it. if you can't play it for some reason, maybe try a different browser. there isn't a downloadable version up yet because i'm still working out some quirks with the windows version, but i'll try to finish it up soon :)

I haven't had the change to make it works yet but I'll be patient and wait for the downloadble version. I'm also using GMS2 so I'm glad we can make such beautiful game on this game engine. Most of devs use Unity or Unreal so I was happy to know you used GMS2. :)

Game crashes in firefox fairly regularly. Aside from that it's a ton of fun.

Nice nice experience! Good job!

This is bloody awesome! Absolutely great job, love this game, it's art, visual point, items and humor. I was listening Doom music while playing this(don't ask why) and when I got shotgun I was like "Hell yea...". Great job guys, keep going!

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edit: I finally managed to finish the game :)

This is a lot of fun! I may not have played enough to figure this out, but a handful of thoughts:

- The ammo boxes are a bit inscrutable. Do the different colours mean anything? I couldn't tell if I was getting ammo for the gun I had.

- Blood, guts and broken vase parts seem to be frequently layered over collectibles/vase worms, which makes them hard to see

- Without the ability to switch weapons, you end up having to waste limited ammo on vases or ignore them, which makes getting a good gun less fun.

- Is there any kind of progression built in or do I have to do all four floors in one sitting and start from scratch if I die?

- The difficulty curve is a bit unforgiving, mostly because you can't rely on getting health back at any point (excluding a few useful power ups). It might be nice to guarantee the player some health back after they defeat a boss/ascend to the next floor. It's a bit of a bummer to move up a floor and die very quickly because you have so little health left.

- Once you reach a certain number of power-ups, they start to cover the bottom corner of the level, which makes it hard to see collectibles, vase worms, etc.

- BUG: the moth enemy sometimes gets stuck mid hit/death animation, which stops the room's doors from opening again. You can wait for the unkillable monster to bust through one of the doors and try to escape that way, but sometimes you get locked out of a critical path.

Fantastic game, I had lots of fun playing it and really enjoyed the dynamic of the monsters and character. Loved it. Solid 10/10.

Looks good, could have Co-op mode to play together or Online, but weapons and enemies looks balanced. Keep it going


Unfortunately, the game is lag-tastic on my PC and with no download option, is excrutiating to play. Looks good though.

i also have the same problem

Me too

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Game was very interesting in its design, I had absolutely no clue what to do or how to play the game, But it was very easy to learn once I got in, The only thing I could say that I slightly disliked was the movement and getting stuck on little pieces of wall pillars hanging out, But then again this is because I was going in this game for the first time, So most likely this isn't an issue because this same very slight problem is completely player skill sided,  My conclusion is that this is an awesome game based on what I have seen, Also I only made it to floor 2 so I don't know much about what else this game holds within

Really cool game

who is that yellow unkillable guy, and WHY?

That guy is coming if u cant hear a song at the next room , if u want to survive, get the key and head to the boss if ur lucky enough, thats my advice

I shot a chair and summoned an invincible enemy


This is great! Option to turn off the flashlight effect?

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