Cornered with nowhere else to turn, can you escape the monster-filled mansion?

Dead Estate is a gory, fast-paced top-down shooter/roguelike with a heavy emphasis on Halloween and horror. Ascend four floors of a monster-filled mansion with two different playable characters,  25 different weapons to choose from, and 50 different items to aid you along the way!

Beware of the lurking threats on every floor -- some of them are especially persistent. 🐭


...are very basic. Simply use the mouse to aim,

WASD or arrow keys to move,

right clickspaceor Z to jump,

and left click to fire!


Jack (@milkbarjack):  Programming - Game design - Environmental art - Weapon art - Sound effects - Cutscene audio

Major (@Major_Wipeout):  Music composition - Voice acting

Stradomyre (@StradomyreArt):  Cutscene art & animation - Character design & sprite art - Enemy design & sprite art - Thumbnail art

Milkyace (@milkyyace):  Character design - Witch shop menu art

Gel (@GeloxLP):  Environmental art - Item art - Enemy design & sprite art

Loud (@Loudspeaker100):  Enemy design & sprite art

Ico (@0hSynapse):  Voice acting

Spicy (@ThaSpiciest):  Cutscene coloring - Title screen art & animation - Game over screen art & animation - Ending art & animation

...By the way, if you wanna support our work please consider purchasing the supporter bundle! It comes with a document containing concept art, designs, sketches, etc. from the game, the game's source code, AND the game's soundtrack for only $4.00 USD!

Updated 26 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date 30 days ago
AuthorMilkbar Lads
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Top down shooter, Twin Stick Shooter
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Awesome game! could I please put this on my gaming application for web games GamerWorld?


First thing I'm gonna do if I ever find myself in a mansion is destroy all pottery and absolutely DECIMATE the current inhabitance. Also: Evil Raspberries.

I enjoyed playing through this, it's a good game! Thanks for making it!

Really nice game

Really nice, i really like the drawing and the animations.

can´´´´´´´´´´´´´´´t pay it w pp... tried 2 times... wanna have this...want SUPPORTER BUNDLE!!!! plz fix!!

(1 edit)

the moths are unfun waiting isn't a fun game mechanic there not hard just tedious the shotgun i feel is too random i shouldn't miss a point blank shot (i wouldn't condense the spread but like i should hit part of my shot) and the weapon upgrades felt weak also pots i dont think they should block shots but i enjoy the game good concept and well execution 

this game's controls are kinda hard for me but, that's probably a me problem;-;


Rogue-Like türündeki oyunları sevenler, bu oyuna bir şans vermeli.

If you like Rogue-Like games, then you should give a chance to this game. 

i love this game, its like binding of issac and gungeon combined into this

I cant fullscreen in the downloaded game, is there a way to do it or no?

Absolutely fantastic game! managed to get lucky and finish a run on my third try. Gonna recommend this game to everyone i can!


This was really cool I like it! I'm absolute trash at these types of games but I had fun and it didn't feel too hard or too easy. Also the art? super freaking pretty 🤎 If anyone wants a sneak peak I made a first look video and I definitely isn't that way because I couldn't finish the game... 😅

Woah, is that CptLainey? Famous YouTuber extraordinaire!?


woah senpai noticed me 🤩

The masks are only unfair thing to be honest, you need to be accurate and shoot them before they get too close to you while spinning around you. Otherwise, good game.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Very smooth and tactile.

I liked the game but I hated the moths!

This is like binding of isac meets enter the gungeon, it's so much fun!!  My only issue is that sometimes i get stuck in corners, other than that no problems. Anyways, I loved it!

This is amazing. Great job guys!

The game is good,you don't get bored easily while playing it and it makes you more cautious about what is in the other room!

This game is amazing! Has all the elements of a roguelike and does it while pizza! 10/10 game!

THIS IS SO FUN! But I hate the guy with the big fist.

A little advice, when player move their mouse on current items, player should see the intruction of them.

good game

wow dats juicyyum

nicely done!


love this! can't wait to see it more polished up!

Made another video with the ending

Very fun game, I'd love to play a longer version :).

Fantastic game! Loved it!
Although I would like to warn you guys about a bug that happens if you jump onto the witch. When you exit the buy menu you'll collide with the NPC again and open the shop menu again. You can break out of this, but it takes some time

Made a video

This game has great potential, but it needs a little more work regarding the User Experience.

These are my suggestions:
- Add the possibility to mute or lower the music/sound effects.
- A little squeeze animation on weapon reload, to briefly attract the attention of the player.
- Don't restart the intro every time the game is open.
- Pause in-game with resume, go to the menu and restart options.

Apart from these little additions, the game is beautiful, efficient and fun to play.

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Really sick game! I love the different places and people you can be and explore! The graphics are very different then what I'm used to, but I think it looks pretty cool! I will admit, it's actually kind of hard to beat! The music is pretty nice too; has that chill vibe to it!

It it pritty strange in fullscreen

besides little bugs the game was fun great work

Maybe a bug that if I move to another room right when giant gonzalez dies he will spawn unlimited money. Yet I still died on floor 3.

great art and gameplay. WHY IS THIS ONLY 4 USD?!?

that big guy gotta be either invincible or really strong, used like 70 bombs on him and nothing

he's just really strong yeah, in most situations you should probably run from him

Aight, thanks for the Info

good arcade


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