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Action-packed horror-roguelike inspired by Nuclear Throne and Resident Evil!

Explore the floors of the macabre mansion in search of an exit from the madness as a wide cast of unique characters with different abilities, features, and skills!

Dead Estate features...

8 playable characters, each with an alternate costume,

 10 completely distinct levels with their own monsters, themes, and environments,

 over 60  different weapons to tear through your foes with,

 over 150 unique items to aid you along the way and keep things spicy,

 and 1 beast that'll hunt you across the whole mansion!

Dead Estate was made by...        


        Jack           Stradomyre       Milkyace             Major



       Spicy                   Ico                   Loud                Gelox


We had a ton of fun making this game over the last year, we hope you have just as much fun playing it!

This is a completely new and updated version of our free title which we released last year, Dead Estate CLASSIC, with 3x the content.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

2 Left Thumbs
StatusIn development
Release date Oct 19, 2021
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
AuthorMilkbar Lads
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, Arcade, Creepy, Female Protagonist, Halloween, Horror, Monsters, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
LinksSteam, Steam, Twitter, YouTube


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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German Gameplay on my Channel :D

I initially bought Dead Estate here to try and support more directly than on Steam, but it seems like none of the Steam updates got added over here. Is there a time table for getting that content over here too? I really want to play more of this but I can't comfortably afford to re-buy games. :,)

I'm finishing up a small patch for the latest update before I post it here, it should be up here soon (like in the next few days or so)!

That's good to hear! I assume that includes previous patches and updates like the previously added characters too?

I just uploaded the latest update! All of the previous updates should've already been available on Itch before now, though. You might have to redownload the game's .zip file if you haven't already.

Will you ever bring it to GOG ?

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hi, i got a question for you're game !

is there a frenche translation that you want to do ?  Because i really enjoyed it but i think that maybe some frenche people can be confused with some word etc :( so if you want i can do it for you ? 

Great game and great Graphic, everthing is nice, i made a video if someone is interesed.

Love the game, would love it more if it had a floor editor

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Hello, how do you like this idea that you can add steam workshop, and also you can add Russian to your game, your game interested me, I played for 25 hours, I wish you good luck)

Please make this game available on Mac

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use wine. You could also use crossover to make it easier, it's what I use, but its paid (or you could yar har it)

wine-crossover worked like a charm, just've tried it on demo

more info here https://www.reddit.com/r/wine_gaming/comments/z3slxt/wine_doesnt_open_on_mac_os_...

or just open terminal and

  • brew install --formula gcenx/wine/winetricks
  • brew install --cask --no-quarantine gcenx/wine/wine-crossover

didn't need paid crossover


Just curious, what engine was Dead Estate made in and was it actually done in 3D with an orthographic camera or some other method of faking 2D?

Loving the game! Question though — I use my PS4 controller through Steam, though while in-game found that I’m unable to review my items as I would if I were playing keyboard/mouse (just have to put cursor on items listed on bottom of screen). Is there a way to enable a menu screen to pause/review items when playing with a PS4 controller? This was particularly impactful when I got the item that randomized all of my items once going to the next floor and had no way in-game to review.

Thanks for insight!

Hello, I am in love with this game, but something crashed on my last looped run with fuji and I cannot start the game. Below error shows up, please help me devs :(




action number 1

of Destroy Event

for object bullet:

Variable boxingGloveProjectile.verticalSpeed(100033, -2147483648) not set before reading it.

at gml_Object_bullet_Destroy_0


gml_Object_bullet_Destroy_0 (line -1)

gml_Object_bullet_Other_5 (line -1)

Hello, I want to say that this game is possibly the best game or at least one of the best I ever had a chance to play. The art style is amazing, I really like the pixel art style. I love the soundtrack for this game, exit realm (alt) in my opinion is the best one. I find character design very good since most of them encourage players to try a new playstyle, making each run different from the past one. Enemies are made quite well, making each floor feel unique, and fitting the mood of each floor they appear in. Making the game not feel monotonic at all... The only enemy I don't like is the clown at second phase- that is the most terrifying thing for short range characters to face (I died more often because of him than the actual endgame boss). I am really grateful to you guys for making this game, thank you all for your hard work put into it. I am almost done making all of the achievements, and I start to wonder if there will be some kind of dlc for the game? Or maybe a continuation of the game series? Or will you just keep updating this game? ... Also are you guys doing alright? Those are hard years for all of us, so I hope the whole team is doing alright, and have a good day!

Ps. Where can I report glitches, bugs, and errors? I found like 2 of them. One is about making characters fly when they are above doors and hold the spacebar and one which happens while getting on the next floor from the forsaken crypt (it happened twice, I think it was always when I played Fuji), and then the game just shows a black screen, and it gets hard to turn the game off.

The other 2 which I am not sure if are glitches or actually designed features. Fuji's fists don't count as a melee weapon and Fuji deals damage to pots by walking into them.


I would love to give this game to some friends on Steam, i know it's already cheap but it's possible to get a discount for buying +10 Steam keys ? ;D 

Can anybody tell me what the Fun Sticks item actually does?


it changes blood to colorful stuff I think


I remember watching Neco The Sergal's video a bit ago and I love how the game goes but will it ever be free?


There is a free demo, allowing you to go to the third floor, and right now full game is on sale, so you can buy it for a bit cheaper price.
In my opinion, it is really worth buying it, but I would recommend playing the demo to know if it fits you. (but I have to say, that full game is much better than the demo, and that there is a lot more stuff in it)

I downloaded the demo shortly after posting the original comment. I love the game!


Just watched indeimaus YouTube video on this game and it looks great. I hope you plan to bring it to consoles. I would definitely buy it, I love roguelikes but there are so many bland ones and this one has been made with love it seems so I hope to blast through it one day!


Hi, i love the game and everything and i was wondering, we will ever see it on nintendo switch maybe?

They said: "We're gonna try to make it happen!" so it is possible that it will be available on nintendo switch

I checked out the beta over on steam and I can easily say I’m a fan! The guns feel great! The gameplay feels great! Definitely can hold its own against similar games! Thank you!

I’m YungMuShu! I focus on indie and itchio games for review / gameplay! I hope you enjoy!

absolutely obsessed with this game!!!! i played it over and over before the paid update came out, and its absolutely worth the money, the new updates are incredible! small possible bug report though (spoilers) the game freezes completely for me, except for the music, when i kill the last blue fish in a room on the sunken ship level (also playing as cordelia, haven't tried any other characters with this). it's possible that it's just a me issue, because i'm playing on mac using crossover but its super annoying bc it means cant get the true ending. anyway, love your game so much!!! 11/10 would recommend

i was able to finish the sunken ship floor as mumba, so perhaps its just a cordelia issue. and i got the true end with mumba too. the true end is incredible!!!! it made me so happy :))

Can you by any chance explain to me why the price of this game on Itch.io is 14.99$ when on Steam it's just about 2 dollars? Is there any difference or just some fees that aren't included?


The Steam version has pricing that changes depending on your region, so it's priced lower in some areas to be more affordable. In the US, it's $15 on Steam. It's the exact same version as the one here on Itch.io.

Ok thank you! I just thought it was extra fees or something.

i, i got a question for you're game !

is there a frenche translation that you want to do ?  Because i really enjoyed it but i think that maybe some frenche people can be confused with some word etc :( so if you want i can do it for you ? 

New resident evil 8 looks nice

it was free at 1st why is it 15$ wth


The free version is still available as the demo of the game. The 15$ version is the fleshed out, expanded version of the game.

Then why on Steam it's just 2 dollars? Is it an expansion or not? Or just the full game and no expansion?

Hey there Devs! Great game :)! I'm curious, how hard would it be to create a simple mod that replaces some of the Cordelia shopkeeper portraits?



First love the game, good work! Next is there an item list online or a way to view item description in game? At times I'm not sure what an item I have does (picked up too quickly). 

sorry does this include a drm free copy and a steam key?  thank you.

Made a video with an ending

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Is there a way to access new versions of the game?

I bought the game and it's the 1.0.0 version.
I've run into issues that seem to be fixed in later versions on Steam (I've left a comment then deleted it when I've realised the issues I've wanted to talk about have been patched out).

great game great lads

Ico is smelly

Made another video

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I saw your game and I bought I bound my controls in a fashion I can't played the game will there be a patch or a way to reset my files because I can't do anything I pressed down and keyboard and my controller nothing it's hard locked and couldn't even click the start the game button to continue redownloading it does nothing is it a glitch is the data corrupted I have no clue I wouldn't complain but $15 is $15 I would of DM but I couldn't I need help.


You can hard-reset your settings by doing this:

  • Type "run" into your search bar on the bottom left (assuming you're on Windows 10), open the Run program.
  • Type "%localappdata%" into the Run program and hit enter
  • Find the "Dead_Estate" folder in the directory that it brings up
  • Open the Dead_Estate folder and delete the file named "settings.sav"
  • Open the game

Let me know if that works!

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OMG thank you if I review the game I will say the company cares for it's customers I think what happened is I try to bind my switch controller it went berserk it binded everything in 2 seconds with out my control so I'm stuck with keyboard I hope this problem is fixed but I can't be angry with that bug unless it's not fixed.


ooooohhh big boobas me like

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same here

Made a video


Yooo your trailer rules. Is the game's soundtrack available anywhere?

Great game, still cant tell when the beast will come and haunt me. Is there a time limit or something


I think that the witch lady is pretty hot 👍 Good game witch lady mmmmmmmm


Sorry, I just wanted to ask what Old Reel does other than making your vision black and white? I mean it costs 500$ and its a legendary so I figured it has some sort of catch to it.


did 2 left thumbs publish this? i can't remember...


2 Left Thumbs is our publisher, yep!


Will there be a switch release


We're gonna try to make it happen!


lovely cant wait for the release

I'm spread on the table and ready for you <3


wow omg do you know 2leftthumbs???

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