Holy Smokes DEMO v1.0.1 -- Changes and bug fixes

This is just a small patch to address some of the more frequent complaints about the game, plus just stamp out a few bugs.

New stuff:

  • There's a new statue hidden somewhere in Heaven/the hub area. Can you find it?


  • Changed how enemies are spawned in each level. There is now a set amount of each individual enemy type in each level as opposed to how it was handled before. For example, there will now only be between 12 and 20 Mole enemies in the first level. This means that you will no longer have runs where you encounter next to no enemies of one type or where you encounter an overwhelming amount of one enemy type.
  • Specific enemy types only appear further into certain levels now. For example, Worms will now only appear in the bottom half of the first level, and Mushroom Men now only spawn in the bottom third portion (roughly) of the second level.
  • Worm enemies now spawn further apart from each other.
  • The Feather item now allows you to alternate between falling at your normal speed and falling slowly/gliding. Now, if you hold down the jump button while falling with the Feather item, you'll fall slowly. Otherwise, you'll fall at a normal speed even with the Feather item.
  • Spotty Fungus now grants 1 HP back on pickup.
  • You no longer receive a large heart every other time you level up. You now receive a small heart every single time you level up.
  • The statue in the Red Curtain Room now gives you 5 Duane Tokens instead of 3.

Bug fixes:

  • Birds are no longer able to move while the game is paused.
  • The game now restarts properly when you attempt to restart while in Heaven.
  • Gift boxes no longer say that they require a key to open them.


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Dec 16, 2019

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I found Will the manager. Hes on top. E(-:)

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Nice job finding him!