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Originally made in 1 week for the 8x8 Game Jam!

Charge and burn your way through a labyrinthine complex as a ball of fire!


[LEFT]/[RIGHT]/[UP]/[DOWN] - Move

[SPACE] - Charge

[F1] - Toggle fullscreen

[PAGE UP]/[PAGE DOWN] - Change window size


Jack: Lead programmer, tile artist, sound effects

MajorWipeout: Lead musician

Loudspeaker: Enemy artist



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Inferna 64 MB
Inferna Project File 29 MB


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The gameplay's great, too.  Actually, great is an understatement.  It was phenomenal.  Milkbar Lads have some master game designers.

Whoa.  These graphics look great.  I'll definitely give this a go.







One of the best games I've played in some time, got stuck in the final FINAL boss and stopped playing for some weeks, but now I was more relaxed and was able to beat them.
Everything was great, except the Polar boss, he's a bitch.


make this into a proper game, i can see potential. Should add a pause menu though! Awesome game and awesome concept, people behind this game were very smart indeed! <3

- CowCat


Super fun to play! Also great music.


Not bad, I am just not good enough as it seems. Still good game.

thanks so much for playing our game! i'll admit that it's pretty hard (probably harder than i intended), but i'm glad you gave it a chance.

No problem. As I said. It is still very good.


at first I thought the bosses were 16x16 in size

then I realized they're made up of a single 8x8 sprite rotated four times.  that's a really clever way to fit larger sprites within the restrictions!

gameplay is pretty awesome too.  the sheer amount of polish is amazing

close -- rather than being a single 8x8 part rotated a few times to form a larger image, i made many 8x8 sprites and then basically stitched them together through a script i made to give the impression that they're greater than 8x8. ("metasprite") thank you for your kind words!

hmm, that seems a little more cheap to me...  it's one of those things where it's "technically" correct but it doesn't quite align with the "spirit" of the constraints in my book, but I guess it's just a matter of opinion...

this of course does not detract from the quality of the game itself

i dunno. the rules said meta sprites were allowed so i just went with it.


As the host of the jam, this is correct. :)