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Originally made in 1 week for the 8x8 Game Jam!

Charge and burn your way through a labyrinthine complex as a ball of fire!


[LEFT]/[RIGHT]/[UP]/[DOWN] - Move

[SPACE] - Charge

[F1] - Toggle fullscreen

[PAGE UP]/[PAGE DOWN] - Change window size


Jack: Lead programmer, tile artist, sound effects

MajorWipeout: Lead musician

Loudspeaker: Enemy artist



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Inferna 64 MB
Inferna Project File 29 MB


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I had so much fun, im blown away by how good it plays. Its brisk, challenging and manages to squeeze some real variety into the short timeframe. Only main issue I had was that the game sometimes isnt clear when hits connect so it can result in tussling with enemies (usually the skulls) and hits randomly connecting. Still an awesome game though.

Ooft, that final boss is tough as nails! Feels good perservering and finally beating 'em though; great game, thought the art looked charming but wasn't expecting this to be quite as good as it was. 

Hiya! Could you add a mention of the operating systems or runtimes required to run the game? Thanks!

The gameplay's great, too.  Actually, great is an understatement.  It was phenomenal.  Milkbar Lads have some master game designers.

Whoa.  These graphics look great.  I'll definitely give this a go.







make this into a proper game, i can see potential. Should add a pause menu though! Awesome game and awesome concept, people behind this game were very smart indeed! <3

- CowCat


Super fun to play! Also great music.


Not bad, I am just not good enough as it seems. Still good game.

thanks so much for playing our game! i'll admit that it's pretty hard (probably harder than i intended), but i'm glad you gave it a chance.

No problem. As I said. It is still very good.


at first I thought the bosses were 16x16 in size

then I realized they're made up of a single 8x8 sprite rotated four times.  that's a really clever way to fit larger sprites within the restrictions!

gameplay is pretty awesome too.  the sheer amount of polish is amazing

close -- rather than being a single 8x8 part rotated a few times to form a larger image, i made many 8x8 sprites and then basically stitched them together through a script i made to give the impression that they're greater than 8x8. ("metasprite") thank you for your kind words!

hmm, that seems a little more cheap to me...  it's one of those things where it's "technically" correct but it doesn't quite align with the "spirit" of the constraints in my book, but I guess it's just a matter of opinion...

this of course does not detract from the quality of the game itself

i dunno. the rules said meta sprites were allowed so i just went with it.


As the host of the jam, this is correct. :)