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Development on this project has ended and it will not receive any updates in the future.

(You can still play it though)

Nonagon Infinity & The Opening Of The Door is a multi-genre game based on King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard's 2016 rock album titled Nonagon Infinity, a collection of nine songs that fade into each other, with the final track on the album seamlessly looping back into the first track, making it possible to listen to the album infinitely with no breaks.

Each level in the game corresponds to an individual song on the album and play as a different genre than the previous. For example, the first level is a platformer, while the second level is a first-person shooter, and so on.

Don't play this if you're sensitive in any way to flashing stuff. That's all.


Nonagon Infinity & The Opening of the Door (DEMO 2.1.1).zip 217 MB

Install instructions

To run the game:

1. Download the .zip file

2. Extract the folder inside the .zip to anywhere outside the .zip

3. Run the .exe file found inside the folder

4. You should be good to go :)

Development log


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Such a shame this was canceled, such an amazing game concept and gameplay. Really enjoyed playing this!

Dude. Thank you, if nothing else, for laying the lizard wizard on me. Just downloaded the game purely because fuck yeah. Will report back when I've actually played it, and also when I've heard more than 30 seconds each of three songs.

Why do I randomly die at full health in the second level?? Also, why aren't there checkpoints in it!?!? And I thought waiting five seconds to restart when I fucked up in the first level was bad, now it takes five minutes to get back to where you were.

Nice, it'd be great to see a full release!

Dammit! Why do all of the good ones have to be cancelled?

oh nevermind i see CANCELLED in the status, sweet - this is why i dont follow itchio devs anymore ^^b thanks 

did you kill this project already? it's been a year since last update of any kind

I have a wine stable installer in my macbook which allows me to access windows games&docs; however when I run the game, I can only hear the music, but the visuals are pitch black. How can I fix this?

Like others said, the zelda bit felt a bit too slow for my liking, maybe a roll/dodge mechanic to move a bit quicker would help there. And Big Fig Wasp did feel very hard, but on the flipside I will admit it was very rewarding when I did beat it and now I can do it again much easier. 

Very amazing idea, I'd love to see what this ends up looking like when the full loop is completed. Will you speedrun mode that simply adds a timer to check how long a loop took? I'm definitely interested in running this, assuming it stays as hype as it currently is :)

Really sick my dude. I'm a casual who's mostly just playing this because of Gizz, and I finally beat Robot Stop. I really liked how the levels didn't necessarily continue to get harder because it felt great to finally beat a crazy hard one and then zoom through the next one or two. Took forever to beat the thing in one sitting, but it was totally worth it. 

I haven't beat Big Fig Wasp yet because I don't have a mouse and my mousepad doesn't allow for the most MLG playing, but it looks really great; I'll update this when I do get a mouse and beat it. Thanks for the hard work!

I made an account just to say how fucking awesome this game is

Seriously, congrats on this. The demo was goddamn fantastic, can't wait to see where it goes!

How do i pause the game

Deleted 32 days ago
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Unfortunately gamemaker (the engine the game was built in) isn't that great for relatively complex visuals such as the ones seen in this game.

That's why even with a powerful pc the game will still manage to drop in frames.

I absolutely LOVE this game!

The concept is quite original, the execution is extraordinary, and the soundtrack equally great.

I'm so hyped for the final release, keep up the good work!

Oh, and, I may or may not have messed around with the dev cheat code to get to the 4th level

Here's my run of the demo 

lods of emone spells loads of money, probably.

demo is great btw. I think the timer is a bit too strict on the FPS segment, walking speed is a bti too slow on the Zelda part - and the FPS last part, the final gun doesnt seem to fire correctly. I had to go RIGHT up to enemies to kill em.


Hey man loving the game, I'm wondering whether you would be interested in me recording a classic 8-Bit arcade game style version of Nonagon Infinity to use for the soundtrack.  I am not asking for any payment all I would ask for is a credit and possible consideration for collaboration on future projects provided you were happy with what I had produced. Anyway let me know if you are interested. keep up the good work man you are 16 and know how to program computer games, you are gonna go far.

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Hey, thanks for the offer and kind words! I'd love to take you up on that offer, but I already have another friend working on a chiptune rendition of the songs from Nonagon Infinity. Again, thank you for the offer <3

Ahh cool man I look forward to hearing it good luck with everything, peace.

Will you be releasing level 2 soon?

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I plan on releasing level 2 and 3 in the next demo. The next time there's a demo, it'll feature the first (which has now been balanced for difficulty), second, and third levels. I have level 2 done, but it might be a bit before I finish level 3 -- so whenever I polish levels 2 and 3 to a point I deem good, I'll release level 2 and 3, which might be a while.

Whats the status now?

Still working on level 3 :)

I know, I'm pretty annoying, but any progress so far?

I've completed levels 2 and 3. I'm working on polishing them for now. Whenever I'm done with that, there'll be a new demo :)

Deleted 5 years ago

It took me about over an hour just to finish that first level. And I still absolutely loved it. Keep it up <3


This is fun and challenging, but I nearly had no time to reach the next checkpoint near the end, and I lost a lot of time because I had to wait for moving platforms to come... But besides that,, this is absolutely fantastic! I love the idea behind it and it's well-made. And the soundtrack makes it even better of course

Really awesome. It's not too hard or too easy just perf

This was not only an amazing game, but it was a bad ass experience. I was hooked and, despite a break or two, couldn't stop until I had beaten it. I thought it was challenging and really hard at times, but I love when a game requires me to go hard, so I feel the difficulty was perfect. Can't wait to see what this game will become. 

Absolutely amazing game, but it's way too hardcore. I can't beat it. Nonagon Infinity is one of my favorite musical albums of all time, so I really recommend at least an easier difficulty. If I had to beat Robot Stop to access the other levels, I wouldn't even try. It's way too hard right now. But I'm very interested to see how this improves, I love the idea of "music video games".

I hope to see even more genres like a top down shooter, doom-style fps, endless runner, galaga-type shooter, and etc!

All and all, I love this so much. Please make every new screen a checkpoint and the timing a bit easier like what Temmieneko said. That would help so much. If you want help in any way, I can do audio mixing, video editing, and anything like that!

I fucking love you for making this,do you have a discord or anything by chance?

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you can find me on the king gizzard discord, where my name is moo

Vinesauce is playing your game right now ^^

This Game is great but GODAMN i cant muster the patience or calm to beat the first genre-part

Good game, I have two major issues 

1) controller support native

2) checkpoints are either too close together, with no challenge between, or staggeringly far apart, like the next-to-last obstacle set. that one gauntlet leading into the boss room took me 45 minutes to complete ( with a smoke break in between to calm my nerves ) 

other than that, I like this. 

and even though this isn't representative of the final product ( i understand each level will be a different game genre) 

I am very familiar with " rage platformers " and for this to work, you're gonna need to also adjust oneminor thing - the timing

some obstacles are ridiculously set on a very very specific timing, that ; if you don't reach the area at EXACTLy the moment you need, the whole thing falls apart, or makes you wait for longer than you should.

also, why a timer, the more time you have makes the final boss harder. I don't undersand that final room, it's like you're punished for reaching the final room faster.

remove the timer aspect, and be more forgiving with checkpoints

 ( perhaps make each new room a checkpoint instead of those awkward flags? that would be perfect. ) 

editing this out wasa nightmare bc of the strange checkpoint system. ( for my youtube upload ) 

so yeah, quality of life improvement right there.

i'll take your suggestions into consideration. can you share the youtube upload with me whenever you have it ready? thanks!


Here ya go ^^

I actually used Joy2key so I could play with a controller. And I edited out the huge chunks of repeated failures.

loved it though, good style to it.

Yeah, I agree. Making each new room a checkpoint would be a bit better. I sometimes had problems with moving platforms too: the moment you get there, the platform is already floating away and I lost a lot of time because of that. Other than that, the game is perfect for me. Like you said, some adjustments on timing would make it perfect (the loading screen at the beginning takes quite some time too but it's just a demo version after all)

Love it, realy captures the mood. Add some accesibility though, like more checkpoints and falling platforms reappearring after sometime. It's a bit too hardcore for me. It would be a shame if a fellow gizzhead gets frustrated and quits the game before hearing and playing other songs. I love the checpoints you chosed for songs and the spinning nonagon at restarts. 

were you able to complete it?